9 Tech Trends for 2022

From our personal lives to the organizations where we work, technology is everywhere and is the foundation of almost everything we do. At every moment, new and more sophisticated concepts emerge that we must be aware of and embrace in order to take advantage of their full potential. At a time when a new year is starting, what to expect in terms of tech trends?

IDC points to an acceleration of the global economy, predicting that by 2022, 65% of GDP will be digitized, implying an investment in technology of over €6 billion by 2023.

Due to the pandemic, the last two years were marked by a lot of resilience and reinvention capacity by companies, adapting business models, creating new digital-centric offerings and connecting and empowering their talents to work from anywhere. But innovation cannot stop and there is still a lot we can take advantage of to be more agile and productive in our daily lives. We point out below the tech trends that we highlight for the next 12 months:

#1 Intelligence-Centric Decision Making

According to data from Gartner, by 2023, more than a third of large organizations will have already chosen to implement decision intelligence models. In this way, they use technology to understand and structure decision-making in a more effective way, including data integration, analytical models and platforms that support, automate and continuously improve the process.

#2 Hyper-automation

The growing need for digitization and the search for operational excellence has led organizations to increasingly look to hyper-automation. In 2022, Gartner speaks of a clear trend in this area and superior performance in businesses that automate as many processes as possible. The concept combines robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI).

#3 Rise of quantum computing

With many aspects already consolidated, the next year and the following ones will be the years of quantum technology. In fact, the exponential increase in computational power made possible by this technology is opening up a world of opportunities around almost every aspect of modern life, both in financial, military, and medical and pharmaceutical research. However, it also brings with it strong threats, as this capability allows to quickly break encryptions as we know them today, exposing Governments and organizations to the breach of their information. The answer involves solutions that ensure the security of communications with quantum-safe technology – a reality that already exists in Portugal and where Warpcom was a pioneer.

#4 Smart Cities

Interrupted by several municipalities as a result of the pandemic, this investment returns to the top of priorities in 2022 all over the country and also worldwide. Smart Cities are associated with cutting-edge technologies that ensure greater and better organization of socio-environmental dynamics, optimizing resources and improving the experience of those who live, visit or work in a particular city.

#5 Wi-Fi 6 and 5G

Over 2022 we will see a further proliferation of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. Very different from other generations, 5G proposes a connection much faster and with much lower latency. On the other hand, Wi-Fi 6 represents a giant step in how the network ecosystem serves the requirements of its users. The greatest need for flexibility and mobility will be addressed by these two technologies through continuous and uninterrupted connectivity moving in and out of the reach of local networks.

#6 Data Centers with large capacity and performance

Data centers are seen as the foundation of the entire value chain of the digital economy. Information continues to grow at an exponential level and has to be accompanied by an infrastructure capable of storing it securely, reliably and at maximum performance. In 2022, this is a reality that should be strengthened even further, with great emphasis on automation and scalability as key requirements. In addition to these concepts, there is a fourth that is gaining weight in the world sphere: the growing concern with sustainability and environmental protection, which should dominate the adopted strategies.

#7 Cybersecurity

As remote work and online collaboration have intensified, the cloud has become a fundamental tool in any company and its adoption was crucial for companies to ensure business continuity. However, the rapid migration to the cloud introduced several security challenges. In 2022, the investment in this area needs to gain even greater relevance because at all this is added increasingly frequent and sophisticated attacks.

#8 Working model of the future

According to everything we have lived and learned in recent years, we can say that the working model of the future is hybrid. With equipment, tools and collaboration platforms that allow having the same performance, interaction and motivation regardless of “where”. Also in this aspect, security is essential, as the perimeter is no longer confined to the walls of an office, which challenges the protection of organizations.

#9 Total experience

As per Gartner, the total experience is a strategy that integrates employee, customer, user experience and multi-experience across multiple touchpoints to accelerate growth. Thus, greater trust, satisfaction, customer and employee loyalty are generated through the holistic management of the experiences of different stakeholders.

At Warpcom we are always at the forefront of technology to work side by side with our customers in the best that is done in each area. Let’s walk the new year together and make the most of these and other tech trends. It all starts here.

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