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Warpcom is the market’s leading system integrator in developing solutions in Networking and Infrastructure; Collaboration; Data Center and Cloud; and Cybersecurity, Cyber Defense, and Public Safety.

Our cross-sectional portfolio and constant investment in enriching our skills allow Warpcom to develop end-to-end solutions in any technological environment.

As a leading system integrator, we have partnerships with prominent manufacturers so that we may provide the best solutions for each case.

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In 2019, Warpcom acquired Ozona Portugal's virtualization and cloud area, reinforcing their proficiencies in Data Center & Multi Cloud.


In 2017, Warpcom Services expanded to the Spanish market, establishing central offices in Madrid and making its presence in all autonomous communities.

Warpcom Services

Warpcom Services was created by acquisition in 2016 by by the Portuguese shareholders involved in the transaction of Dimension Data Portugal. After the acquisition, Warpcom Services remained the Preferred Partner of the Dimension Data group in Portugal.

Dimension Data Portugal

In 2014, as the global supplier of Information and Communication Technology solutions and services, Dimension Data, part of the Japanese group NTT, acquired the European operations of NextiraOne, announcing that all of its subsidiaries would take the name of Dimension Data.

NextiraOne Portugal

In 2002, Alcatel Group sold the business of Alcatel e-Business Distribution to Platinum Equity which subsequently sold its European operations to ABN AMRO Capital France, with the Portuguese transaction being designated as NextiraOne Portugal, SA.

Alcatel e-Business Distribution

Alcatel e-Business Distribution is born, a company with a long experience, commercial and technical in the field of telecommunications, created from the Corporate Communication Division of Alcatel Portugal, SA.

Alcatel Comunicação de Empresa, S.A.

Alcatel Portugal, Sistema de Comunicação, S.A., formerly known as Standard Eléctrica, acquires a majority position in the capital share of Alcatel Telca - Telecomunicações e Telemática, S.A., and integrates in it, its sector dedicated to private telecommunications (SETA), giving therefore origin to Alcatel Comunicação de Empresa, S.A., in November 1989.

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