Colégio Sra. Boa Nova | Webex

The shift from face-to-face teaching to digital


The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed enormous challenges on the most varied sectors of society. In education this shock was notorious, forcing all schools to rethink the way they teach and find ways to respond to non-presence education.

For Colégio Sra. Boa Nova, it was no different. With a universe of 600 users, including teachers and students, the school was forced to make decisions for the immediate situation and for the future regarding the distance learning.


It was in this time of no time that Warpcom emerged as a Cisco partner and integrator of Webex technology. After a first contact, the idea of creating a digital school through Webex occurred. The adoption of this unique collaboration platform facilitated the adaptation of teachers and students to the new reality of teaching and learning at a distance.

Webex presents characteristics such as:

  • Simple and easily adaptable functionalities, in a user-friendly environment;
  • Security of remote teaching and protection of student/teacher information;
  • Constant innovation, through artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms.

Warpcom’s expertise in the implementation, training, adoption support and support of the Cisco Webex collaborative solution enabled the School to make the digital transition in record time.


The integration of all the School’s activity, both teaching, management and operation, in a digital and remote logic was a success. Webex became part of the lexicon and the way of communicating of teachers and students, creating new working and sharing habits, even replacing physical/printed resources.
Parents contact and meetings, using Webex collaborative platform, was another gain of this digital school solution, and the satisfaction of parents was evident in the Annual Survey conducted by the School.

The trust, dedication, and constant support of the Warpcom team of specialists, for those responsible for the Colégio Sra. Boa Nova, was the key to the success of this project.

About Warpcom

Warpcom is the leading technology integrator in the development of Networking & Infrastructure, Collaboration & Customer Experience, Data Center & Multi Cloud and Cybersecurity & Public Safety solutions.

As a business partner that supports the digital transformation of organizations, whatever their technological maturity is, Warpcom also provides specialized services that address the management of the entire technology lifecycle: Managed Services (NOC and SOC), Consulting Services, Support Services and Professional Services.

About Colégio Sra. Boa Nova

Colégio Sra. Boa Nova belongs to the Estoril Parish Centre, in Cascais. It follows the growth of each student from nursery to the 3rd cycle of schooling.

The educational project is designed, together with the Parish Centre, thus integrating all the stakeholders of the school and the day centre which contributes to a greater relationship between everyone.