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Clients we have supported to increase operational efficiency

With our technological services and solutions, we have supported clients from various sectors in their digital transformation, increasing the operational efficiency of their business, managing in an agile way and protecting their information and communication systems. The transversality of our portfolio, combined with the skills and certifications we possess, allow us to develop end-to-end solutions in any technological environment. We make the change in the organizations where we operate.

Get to know some of our success cases:


Case Study Colégio Sra Boa Nova

Colégio Sra. Boa Nova

The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed enormous challenges on the most varied sectors of society. In education this shock was notorious, forcing all schools to rethink the way they teach and find ways to respond to non-presence education. For Colégio Sra. Boa Nova, it was no different. With a universe…

Case Study Novo Banco

Novo Banco

Due to the technological evolution and the increasing digitalization of its services, Novo Banco needed to renew its WAN network. The main objective was to have a more resilient, secure, fast, and scalable solution. At the same time, the banking institution wanted to reduce complexity in daily management, obtain…

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