Colégio Sra. Boa Nova adapts to distance learning with Warpcom support and Cisco Webex solution

The Cisco Webex solution implemented by Warpcom allowed the creation of a digital school in record time, providing an intuitive experience to all stakeholders: students, teachers, management and parents. Voice intelligence, subtitles, students’ and parents’ rooms, and collaborative spaces for each area are some features. Today, Colégio Sra. Boa Nova has a solution prepared for any future challenge, being able to combine distance and face-to-face classes even in the post-pandemic.  Lisbon, March 16, 2021 – Warpcom, an Iberian technological integrator with 100% Portuguese equity, supported Colégio Sra. Boa Nova supported Colégio Sra. Boa Nova to successfully adapt to distance learning through the rapid creation of a digital school based on the Cisco Webex platform. Colégio Sra. Boa Nova belongs to the Estoril Parish Centre and receives children from the nursery to the 3rd cycle, counting with a universe of 600 users. The adoption of a single platform with an intuitive environment, such as Webex, facilitated the adaptation of students and teachers to the new reality of teaching and learning remotely. Webex also streamlined communication with parents, and their satisfaction in the annual survey conducted by the college was notorious. The transcription of videoconferences in real-time and the subtitles are another of the features of Webex “Voice Intelligence”, together with the availability and sharing of all types of content with total security. As Cisco Gold Partner and deep experience in its solutions, Warpcom created a team of specialists that developed the implementation and adoption processes, maintaining support for teachers and students. “After the first meeting with Warpcom, we realized that what we were talking about was setting up a digital school. The confidence and serenity that we got from the beginning from Warpcom’s professionals, was the main reason for choosing Warpcom, Cisco and their Webex platform. The success of the implementation is due to the support that we found when we were without feet and this cement block called Warpcom and Cisco Webex that gave us the security to make the way”, says Gonçalo Corrêa d’Oliveira, Executive Director of the Estoril Parish Centre. “In 14 days we managed to build the school structure in Webex. We had to reinvent ourselves. We learned another way of teaching that was a boon and overwhelming because it had to happen overnight. Today, the word Webex is understood as the way to communicate. It’s the way we all, among teachers and with students, took the digital step. The key to success was Warpcom’s availability, constant help and joint work to understand the reality of a school, which is very different from a company”, highlights Cristina Sargento, Education Director of the Colégio Sra. Boa Nova. Today, Colégio Boa Nova has a solution prepared for any future challenge, being able to combine distance and face-to-face classes even in the post-pandemic.

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