Boost team performance and productivity with intelligent collaboration and telecommuting tools on the new unified Cisco Webex platform

The labor market is undergoing a process of transformation. Technology, productivity and collaboration are now inseparable, and critical for the future environment, dominated by telework (namely to respond to global challenges such as Coronavirus). This reality brings with it challenges and opportunities. Organizations need to adjust their culture and harness the power of digital to improve efficiency and eliminate barriers. The new version of Cisco Webex facilitates all this and positions itself as a single, versatile and centralized platform to streamline processes, reduce costs, speed up communication flows, empower and bring employees together, create greater interaction with customers and partners, and provide a great user experience – wherever we are, whatever device we prefer.

As an all-in-one solution, Cisco Webex now integrates in a single multifunctional space all the collaboration tools that were previously available in different applications, ensuring speed, flexibility and consistency for intelligent, immersive and personalized communication.

Thus, Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, Webex Calling and Jabber give way to the Cisco Webex App. But in addition to simplification, there are many other benefits inherent in this approach to enhance online meetings, video conferences, calls, file sharing and messaging in your company:

Easier communication – Employees have all the necessary tools from a single application, very simple to use and integrated with third-party solutions. This results in greater productivity and a more efficient work dynamic that integrates context and intelligence. Regardless of their physical location, they can communicate, access and share information, and connect to different meeting room devices (wireless) for screen sharing and other types of interaction.

Unified management – The Webex Control Hub (Webex service management portal) allows configuration, provisioning and management of all services, devices (video conferencing, phones, touch pads, headsets, etc.) and analytics from a single point. From a centralized console, IT teams can manage different deployment models, make data-driven decisions, access real-time performance monitoring and diagnostic tools, use analytics to improve the user experience, optimize ROI, enhance security, mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Total Flexibility – Cisco Webex allows for hybrid deployment scenarios to ensure that the solution fully fits each company’s reality and requirements. This positioning reinforces Cisco’s commitment to “cloud first, not cloud only”, which differentiates it from other players only focused on the cloud. Webex Edge for Devices allows to introduce the benefits of the cloud to devices registered on on-premises collaboration platforms; and Cisco Webex Edge for Calling enables native integration of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) solutions and other third-party PBX platforms on-premises with the Cisco Webex Callings Cloud platform.

More intelligence – Cisco has reinforced its already extensive portfolio of devices with three new products that promote more attractive and productive workspaces with cognitive intelligence – Webex Room Panorama; Webex Desk Pro and Webex Room USB. Regardless of space – from small hudlle rooms to large, more immersive meeting rooms – cognitive collaboration solutions use artificial intelligence and machine learning to allocate the best resources to the collaborative experience. With this offer, Cisco covers different scenarios, from the most sophisticated and complete videoconferencing solutions, to the simplest and most functional collaboration devices.

Interoperability – The efficiency of teams can only be enhanced if the different work tools they use are able to communicate with each other. Cisco Webex seamlessly integrates other solutions that are already part of the employees’ daily routine, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Box, Twitter, Trello, Zendesk, Google Calendar, among others.

The entire Cisco collaboration portfolio aims to facilitate communications, inside and outside companies, with their customers and partners; streamline processes and increase productivity; and save time and travel costs. Cisco Webex now concentrates all collaboration solutions on a single platform, using the latest technologies (video, audio, AI, ML, among others) to build today the working environment of the future. And, of course, with complete security: end-to-end encryption, anti-malware, data loss protection, and more.

Warpcom, Cisco’s Gold Partner, supports organizations in this area by providing solutions for Collaboration and User Experience that are adaptable to any workplace, perfectly integrated with operational and business processes and in full harmony with the needs, interests and requirements of the various stakeholders, in order to achieve the desired levels of adoption and return on investment.

Find out more about Cisco Webex, get in touch with us, and together, we’ll design the collaboration solution that’s right for your business. Our team of certified and highly experienced professionals offers the foundations you need for the success of projects in this area.

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