How to optimize the cost of data storage solutions above 500TB, guaranteeing the same performance?

Data storage solutions are today essential platforms to face the growing demands of the digital economy: the exponential increase in information necessarily implies a high availability to store it in a safe, scalable, reliable way and with maximum performance.

Today we bring you a practical example of a solution that responds to all these challenges, in a competitive way and on a multi-petabyte scale: InfiniBox® from our partner Infinidat.


Extreme performance with minimal costs

The InfiniBox® enterprise storage array delivers faster-than-all-flash performance, 100% availability, and multi-petabyte scale for mixed application workloads. Zero-impact snapshots and active/active replication dramatically improve business agility, while FIPS-validated data-at-rest encryption eliminates the need to securely erase decommissioned arrays. With InfiniBox, enterprise IT organizations and cloud service providers can exceed their service level objectives while lowering the cost and complexity of their petabyte-scale storage operations.

How competitive is InfiniBox?

Forrester Consulting carried out an economic impact study that gave rise to relevant conclusions for those who are evaluating data storage solutions of this type, among which stand out:

  • 125% Return on Investment (ROI)
  • A total benefit of $18.4 million over three years
  • An investment with a very positive Net Present Value (NPV) of $10.2M
  • Downtime cost savings of over $1.1 million
  • Payback in less than six months

Great arguments to which are added many other advantages of InfiniBox, summarized here:

HIGH PERFORMANCE – A truly innovative and effective cache management algorithm (Neural Cache), combined with an ultra-efficient data layout, delivers high throughput, at microsecond latency. NVMe-oF and storage-class memory (SCM) readiness preserve InfiniBox’s competitive advantages as customers’ infrastructures continue to evolve.

MULTI-PETABYTE SCALE – Maximum system capacity utilization is possible due to extremely efficient thin provisioning, continuous space reclamation, and inline data compression. Consolidating multiple systems is easy to accomplish and remarkably cost-effective, especially with a single 42U rack that scales up to 10PB of effective capacity.

100% AVAILABILITY AND RELIABILITY – InfiniBox’s self-healing architecture, leveraging our patented InfiniRaid data layout and predictive failure analysis, delivers the industry’s highest availability and non-disruptive upgrades. The InfiniBox hardware triple redundancy design enables rapid recovery from any component failure. InfiniBox is backed by Infinidat’s 100% Data Availability Guarantee. FIPS-validated data-at-rest encryption and SnapSecure®, Infinidat’s immutable snapshot technology reduce or eliminate Cybersecurity concerns.

BUSINESS AGILITY AND CONTINUITY – Space-efficient, zero-impact snapshots simplify data protection as well as accelerating agile
development and quality assurance with nearly infinite copies of your data. Integrated synchronous, asynchronous, active/active, and concurrent multi-site replication provide the highest levels of data availability for business continuity and disaster recovery.

SIMPLE AND POWERFUL MANAGEMENT FOR MULTI-TENANT ENVIRONMENTS – InfiniVerse, our cloud-based analytics tool, monitors, reports, and provides insights into your Infinidat estate, and predicts the impact of infrastructure changes to performance. Element management is done via the InfiniBox GUI, an intuitive HTML5 GUI, that simplifies the most complex storage management operations. A comprehensive RESTful API and a powerful CLI help automate complex tasks. Quality of Service capabilities facilitates service-level coordination across tenants, workloads, and volumes.

UNIFIED STORAGE – InfiniBox provides FC, iSCSI, NFSv3 and SMB protocols concurrently, in a single platform, making it easier to consolidate workloads. Eliminate multiple arrays with their related licensing and service contracts by consolidating to InfiniBox.

CONNECTIVITY AND INTEGRATION – InfiniBox integrates with critical business applications in your data center using native interfaces. Host PowerTools, our intuitive host connectivity and storage provisioning tool, reduces management tasks from days or hours to seconds!


All of this dramatically lowers the cost and complexity of your storage operations. Hard to believe? As many other companies have already done, yours can also enter a new level in terms of data storage solutions. Get in touch with Warpcom and count on us as an InfiniBox partner.

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