How to streamline the capacity management of your systems infrastructure?

No matter how complex the systems infrastructure of a company may be, capacity management must be agile so that it responds to users’ needs at all times. Scalability, high availability, maximum security, quick adaptation, high visibility, total predictability and high performance are the main objectives. Only with automated and simplified management is it possible to achieve them efficiently.

The first step is to make a correct assessment of the existing situation in order to identify which solutions are the most suitable and each case. It is important to answer some questions:

– How much capacity do I currently have?

– How many virtual machines can I allocate to the remaining capacity?

– According to the usage scenario, when will I be out of capacity?

– How does the infrastructure respond in peak situations and when will they occur?

VRealize Operations from our partner VMware allows taking a different perspective on the capacity management of systems infrastructure, whether in terms of computing or storage. By freeing up resources, for example, through virtual machines resources optimization or new physical servers addition, the platform makes the update in real-time, so that you can have immediate visibility – there is no need to wait for historical updates for an exact notion of available resources.

In addition to ensuring on-demand capacity management, it offers a predictability model for total preparation and anticipation of future needs. Constant monitoring and data collection allow teams to achieve a “confidence band” – the statistical ability to reveal the moment in the future when the infrastructure reaches a certain level. This argument is essential. Why? The tools available on the market make this assessment based on historical data – a complex and time-consuming process. VRealize Operations is not based solely on this history, so the statistical model has unusual levels of accuracy, and ensures that the infrastructure has the necessary resources and capabilities when the business needs them.

Advantages of VMWare vRealize Operations in capacity management of systems infrastructure
VMware vRealize Operations delivers self-driving IT operations management for private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments in a unified, AI-powered platform. Offering full-stack visibility from physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure – including VMs and containers – to the applications they support, vRealize Operations provides continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity and cost planning and management, app-aware intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance.

Among other advantages, we highlight:

Centralized management for software-defined data centers (SDDC) and hybrid cloud environments
Predictive real-time analysis for timely capacity level alerts, needs perspectives and recommendations with alerts and notifications
Integration of costs with capacity analysis
Integration with third-party solutions
Availability of REST API
Automated workload balancing and full-stack troubleshooting

This 1-minute video summarizes all the potential of VRealize:

With several certified professionals, Warpcom has the skills and experience to support your organization in implementing systems infrastructure capacity management solutions, specifically VMWare vRealize Operations.

Get in touch to discuss the specific challenges of your infrastructure and see in practice how vRealize Operations can be the solution you are looking for.

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