IP Telecom presents a 100% national cloud

Pedro Morão, CEO of Warpcom, comments that what dictates whether the workloads are in the cloud, and in which cloud, are the needs of the applications, and here “the added value of IP Telecom compared to international clouds is the growing demand for data centers of proximity. The data centers are in the country, close to the customers, and this brings particular value to IoT applications, such as in industry, where there is a demand for low latency and high reliability”.

Read the news about the launch of the IPT Cloud by our partner IP Telecom, which was attended by Warpcom, published in the May 2022 edition of IT Channel [PT]: https://warpcom.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/10-May-2022-IT-Channel-Warpcom-Website.pdf

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