Support Services

In order to meet our customers’ needs, we are committed to provide technical support to guarantee the proper functioning of the implemented solutions through our maintenance services and/or time bank.

Our support services offer the following advantages:

  • Cost reduction with configuration and management resources for solution maintenance;
  • Technical support provided by specialised professionals and certified in several products and/or solutions of our technological partners;
  • Guarantee of service levels that ensure the compliance and quality of our services;
  • Optimisation of response and resolution times mitigating the impact on the businesses of our customers;
  • Replacement guarantee for hardware deemed defective or broken by identical units in order to ensure its functionality and compatibility with the remaining technological elements;

Professional Services

We offer world-class professional services to our customers.

The quality of our services results from Warpcom’s continuous commitment in the training of its employees. Being highly qualified with a unique level of experience and expertise, our employees guarantee efficient implementation and integration services capable of thoroughly responding to the requests of our customers.

    • Implementation and integration
  • Site Survey


We are organised in order to offer our know-how to our customers. In this context, our consulting services cover the following domains:

  • Incident response planning design
  • Safety assessments
  • Compliance and regulation
  • Safety architecture design
  • Design and implementation of penetration tests

Additionally, we are prepared to implement all of the measures that we recommend, thus increasing our level of accountability and closing the safety offer cycle.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Warpcom’s Managed Security Services portfolio covers the most important areas to which every organisation nowadays has the responsibility to respond.

Following the best practices, our offer includes the three levels in which SOC are divided:

  • Event monitoring
  • Second-level analysis of incidents
  • Advanced research

However, we differentiate ourselves from others by the methods we adopt and the accuracy with which we manage the security events of our customers.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Warpcom’s Infrastructures Centralised Management services were designed to respond efficiently to all of the needs of our customers.

Our offer comprises on premise, hybrid or cloud architectures, extending from large data centre servers to personal mobile devices, in a holistic vision of the systems that support the business of our customers.

For more complex customers, we offer a global infrastructure management solution by means of transactional SLAs. With this service, customers contract the availability of the system and response timings by type of transaction and requested performance.