Solutions & Technology

Warpcom offers turnkey solutions that help organisations become more efficient and enhance their competitiveness, changing their ways of making business through Digital Transformation.

By making available the access to technologies and innovative services, we offer our customers: more flexible work and collaboration practices, development of new revenue sources, building of more sustainable environments, as well as the introduction of the new risk and change management alternatives.

The Network as a Platform

The network infrastructure capacity dictates technological evolution – we design and implement solutions capable of tackling future challenges.

The implementation of increasingly advanced communication services becomes vital for the companies that intend to enhance their efficiency and service quality.

Warpcom faces the challenge of finding the best way possible to integrate new solutions in the existing information and communication systems, which includes real time application management and meeting the growing need for system reliability and availability. Thus, it is essential that current networks allow for fast and safe access to communication and information anywhere and at any time.

Warpcom’s approach to infrastructure solutions offers a real response to all of these needs. Our experience and competence in the design and development of networks and services, together with our partnerships with leading technology manufacturers, allow us to create end-to-end customised solutions which offer network control from the computer and mobile user to the Data Centre.


Improve your company’s productivity and agility through voice, video, data and mobility integrated solutions.

Companies are looking for ways to enhance their operational results and therefore, they want to implement strategies to improve operational efficiencies, enhance worker productivity, increase the speed of the decision-making process and support continuous innovation processes.

It is essential for any company to ensure an optimised user experience, irrespective of whether it is an internal user – the employee, or an external user – the customer. Thus, it becomes crucial to adopt technological tools which are perfectly integrated in the operational and business processes, as well as in full harmony with the users’ needs, interests and demands.

We support our customers in the transformation of their employees’ communication tools through the use of technologies that fit any workplace and business process.

Safety and Cyber Security

Data and asset protection is an increasingly demanding challenge for every company. Warpcom’s approach to safety solutions allows our customers to guarantee the main security goals of their company: confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Through our services we can help companies minimise the risk of security breaches and reduce the costs associated with the operation of a safe infrastructure.

Our certified experts design, implement and help manage full solutions dedicated both to large and small-scale companies. Depending on the needs, we can offer safety solutions that are compatible with end-to-end ITL, covering the entire system.

Next Generation Data Center

End-to-end Solutions: From Strategy to Sustainability

Data Centre is currently one of the most important components of your business. We are experiencing a revolution in the information and data industries, where the increasing demand for new services, social networks and mobility will result in a very significant data increment in the coming years.

In order to offer an attractive ROI, technological and business environments must align with each other through a new Data Centre model – virtualised or cloud (public, private or hybrid) – designed to increase agility, to simplify IT, to ensure data safety and recovery – and make your business more sustainable.

We design, implement and manage Data Centres and clouds that offer you the advantages you need for your current and future business. We know that a fast ROI is crucial and that is why we offer the most attractive financial models available, so that you can perform the technological upgrading of your IT infrastructure at a limited cost.

This is the right time to adapt business needs to innovative IT solutions and services. With our partnerships we guarantee state-of-the-art technology to develop advanced Data Centres that can meet any business challenge with a low TCO.