NOC - Network Operations Center

Warpcom Command Center provides centralized network and infrastructure management services, the NOC – Network Operations Center, designed and prepared to respond proactively and competently to every organization’s needs.

Our services include on-premise, hybrid, or cloud architecture and extends from large data center servers to personal mobile devices, with a holistic view of the systems that support the business.

  • Event monitoring: Equipment, applications, storage, servers, databases;
  • LAN, WAN, and SDN network management;
  • Collaboration solutions management: Unified communications, voice, video, collaboration equipment;
  • Data Center Management and Virtual Workstation Management.
NOC - Network Operations Center

Originally created in 2018, Warpcom.CSIRT is a Warpcom service that has been gradually deployed and made available in the iberian market in accordance with market innovations and customer requirements, taking into account the competencies, resources and strategic partnerships held.

Warpcom.CSIRT’s mission is to ensure the computer security incident response plan, including its handling, coordination and management, as well as security audits and assessments, production of security alerts and recommendations.

The document detailing the performance of Warpcom.CSIRT, in compliance with RFC2350 PT, is available at:

  • CSIRT – RFC2350 PT document in PDF format;
  • CSIRT – RFC2350 PT text document.

The public key for communicating with the Warpcom.CSIRT group is at:

  • CSIRT-key – PGP public key to communicate with group.

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