Cybersecurity & Public Safety Solutions

Protecting data, applications, and assets is an increasingly demanding challenge for every business. Warpcom’s approach to cybersecurity and public safety solutions enables clients to secure key objectives in this area: Confidentiality, integrity, availability, and centralized visibility.

Our services properly address security and awareness levels within organizations by minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and data theft. Moreover, we support our clients in reducing costs to operate in a secure infrastructure and in hybrid contexts.

Our certified specialists in leading technologies design, implement, and help manage turnkey cybersecurity and public safety solutions for all types of organizations.

Warpcom’s modular and hybrid architecture addresses issues of accelerated accesses, secure communications, risk exposure, and information loss within a four-part context: Cloud-Perimeter-Data center-End points.

Cybersecurity can only exist when it ensures visibility, context, control, and management. At Warpcom Command Center, we tackle various issues and exposure vectors with operational, incident management, analytical, and advanced research capabilities.

Cibersegurança e segurança pública

The services we offer are divided into 4 vectors that represent Warpcom’s DNA and reflect up-and-coming market trends:


Next generation security

  • Perimeter
  • Cloud
  • Micro networks
  • Critical infrastructure (SCADA)


Secure mobility & customer experience

  • Devices
  • Applications (customers)
  • Authentication (multi-factor)
  • Protection and recovery


Data, APP, and DB protection

  • Information classification and control
  • Private data
  • Applications (servers)
  • Database
  • Encryption

Public safety

Public safety

  • Situational awareness
  • Real-time biometric recognition
  • Video analytics
  • Deep web and social networks

Count on our cybersecurity and public safety solutions to ensure that your business always grows securely. Let's discuss your challenges?

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