The importance and advantages of SaaS Backup and Recovery solutions

What can happen to your organization’s data if your systems fail? What if they are deleted, either accidentally or intentionally? What if the servers stop? What if there’s a large-scale cyber attack? Are you properly prepared to deal with these risk scenarios, which are more real than you imagine? At a time especially characterized by remote work, and consequently by the need for access from anywhere, an effective SaaS (Software as a Service) backup and recovery policy makes all the difference, as it brings to data protection the simplicity and the speed of management, scalability and cost optimization of the cloud era.

The SaaS backup and recovery model

SaaS has been conquering more and more organizations, regardless of sector, size and scope. Its maturity and proven results brought the necessary confidence to also start opting for this model in protecting one of their most valuable assets – data. SaaS backup and recovery solutions can now offer features as powerful and secure as their equivalents working only on-premises.

One of the options available in this field is the Metallic platform, from our partner Commvault, which ensures enterprise-level data protection without the management complexity normally associated with this type of solution. This means easier deployments, automatic updates, no hardware costs, a greatly reduced management cost, a predictable subscription model, and other important benefits:

  • Comprehensive coverage across on-prem, cloud, and SaaS workloads
  • Ransomware protection, with built-in anomaly detection
  • Flexible recovery with granular search, point-in-time, and out-of-place restore options
  • Effortless scale, from 1 terabyte to 10,000+
  • Hassle-free and automated daily backups
  • Data isolation, for highly available, airgapped immutable backups
  • At-rest or in-flight data encryption
  • Rapid deployment, to get you up-and-running in minutes

This SaaS backup and recovery platform also includes a complete set of features according to the specific needs of your infrastructure:

Metallic VM & Kubernetes Backup – BaaS (Backup as a Service) for hybrid cloud environments, protecting Hyper-V, VMware, Azure VM, VMC, AVS, and Kubernetes workloads. Unique “SaaS Plus” storage flexibility for maximum speed and performance.

Office 365 Backup & Recovery – Data protection against corruption, cyber-attacks and inadvertent deletion across the entire Microsoft Office 365 suite (including SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive and Teams), as Microsoft does not guarantee this level of protection.

Endpoint Backup & Recovery – Endpoint protection has never been faster or simpler, with automated, background backups (not interrupting users’ daily lives) and granular restore. The solution detects anomalies, can search at item level and includes recovery options through the operating system. Prevents misuse from anywhere thanks to geolocation and enables remote data deletion.

Metallic File & Object Backup – Backup optimization and fast recovery of unstructured data, protecting Azure files, Windows and Linux. Exclusive “SaaS Plus” storage flexibility for maximum speed and performance.

Metallic Database Backup – Safeguard enterprise-critical Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL databases and Active Directory, on-premises or in the cloud. Unique “SaaS Plus” storage flexibility for maximum speed and performance.

Cloud Storage – Fully manufacturer-managed cloud storage for any workloads, all in a single intuitive interface optimized for daily backups and ad-hoc recoveries, with enhanced security.

Metallic Salesforce Backup – SaaS data protection for your sales, service and finance clouds.

Count on Warpcom’s know-how and experience in the Data Center & Multi Cloud area, and Commvault’s SaaS backup and recovery solutions to ensure the continuous protection and availability of your organization’s data (wherever they are) without the costs, time and headaches of traditional solutions. Talk to us and get a free trial of the solution!

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