The new life in the Cloud

Multicloud and hybrid cloud are today a reality for a significant part of organizations. But this approach not only brings opportunities but also challenges. Warpcom was one of the companies invited to discuss the new life in the cloud at the IT Insight roundtable.

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We highlight here the interventions of Pedro Fernandes, Consulting Services Solutions Architect de Data Center & Multicloud at Warpcom:

“What we have seen in the last two, three years is the movement of organizations and companies to workloads powered by hybrid cloud. There are several models, but in any case, the strength of these solutions is the agility and resilience they bring. As an extension of the customer’s data center, what happens is that the model is not implemented yet; in other words, there is an evolution, but it is not the model yet.”

“The responsibility in the cloud will always be shared. On the one hand, there is the responsibility of the provider to keep physical access restricted, it has to have the connectivity assured, without security flaws, optimized and with patches up to date. On the other hand, there are good practices that are often not applied in on-premises data centers, but that must be looked at in the same way by the customer. Security is not just about attacks, it’s also about day-to-day and zero-day patching that will always exist.”

“Edge computing and this industrial transformation that we have been witnessing are fundamental. Cloud providers are reaching edge computing in a variety of ways; one is extending the zones closer to IoT devices and sensors. On the other hand, we also have the possibility to import cloud technologies into our data center on-premises. The other aspect – IoT and artificial intelligence – if, in the past, LoRa networks were still used in the industry, these data and these metrics that are removed often need to be computed directly on-premises or in edge computing because they are critical for doing analysis and help with decision making.”

“When we move to the cloud, we have to look at cybersecurity the same way we look at security when we have our data center.”

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