What is a system integrator and what are its advantages?

To take advantage of opportunities and address the challenges of the digital economy, companies must rely on an IT area fully aligned with the business, capable of always having systems at maximum performance, availability and security and, of course, prepared to make the most of the power of technology and innovations that appear at an increasingly fast pace. With such a wide range of responsibilities and tasks, a partner with the right skills can make all the difference. In this article, we explore what is a system integrator and why having this type of partner is the best option.


What is a system integrator?

This denomination may still raise some doubts. After all, what is a system integrator? We are talking about a partner that supports the digital transformation of organizations, whatever their technological maturity, ensuring that technologies communicate and create synergies between themselves, and having qualified professionals to address the management of the entire life cycle.

The focus of system integrators is effectively adding value throughout the technological journey, providing conditions for companies to reach ever-higher levels of efficiency and, at the same time, introducing innovations that enhance results. To this end, they must have comprehensive and complementary know-how, in order to address the organization’s IT as a whole, in an end-to-end logic. In the same logic, they should provide services that cover the entire spectrum, from diagnosis to the current situation to consulting, suggestion of the best solutions, implementation, integration, optimization, monitoring, management and support.


Advantages of counting with a system integrator

Now that we have analyzed what is a system integrator, let us look at its main advantages:

Specialized professionals: a system integrator has a vast team of specialized and experienced professionals who add value in each of its areas of expertise, with the ability to analyze, anticipate and solve any challenges in different environments. When working with a system integrator, you are also working with a broad team, gaining increased agility and delivery capacity.

Technological independence: having a technological integrator independent from the manufacturers allows you to always obtain the best solution available for each particular situation and technological environment. By working with several players and knowing the characteristics of each of their solutions, the system integrator can suggest those that best fit the customer’s needs, thus not being limited to one or the other technology.

State-of-the-art technology: with customized services and the power of the cloud, a system integrator opens doors to the most emerging, advanced and innovative technologies on the market and allows any company to have access to what was previously only available to large companies.

Focus on the core of the business: a system integrator allows you access to specialized professionals who manage the entire digital process, from design and conception to implementation, through management and support. In this way, it becomes possible to focus your time and resources where it really matters: the core of your business.


The right partner for you

Finding reliable partners and at the forefront of technology is crucial, so it is important to take into account a set of variables such as the competences it presents, the technological areas in which it has know-how, the solutions it dominates, the certifications obtained, the investment in the qualification of the team, the projects developed, the close and committed relationship it has with customers and the experience and security it transmits.

Warpcom is this type of partner. With over 20 years operating in the ICT sector, Warpcom is recognized for its unparalleled experience and know-how in transversal, committed and proactive support in the digital transformation of organizations. At the same time it guarantees technological innovation and customization of the developed solutions and a technological culture of engineering and consultancy aligned with the challenges of your business. Our offer covers all needs with regard to technology and independence is the guarantee of quality for any project.

If you still have doubts about what is a system integrator, and why Warpcom is the right choice, talk to us!

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