Word to Partners: speed, execution and resilience will define the coming months

IT Channel once again invited Partners to discuss topics related to the current state of the market in Portugal, where it is heading and how is the relationship with manufacturers and distributors. Warpcom was one of them!

Read the insights by Bruno Banha, Solutions Design & Warpdev Director at Warpcom in the July 2022 edition of IT Channel [PT]: https://warpcom.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/11-Jul-2022-Warpcom-IT-Channel-Website-1.pdf (printed version) and https://www.itchannel.pt/news/a-fundo/palavra-aos-parceiros-velocidade-execucao-e-superacao-vao-definir-os-proximos-meses (online version).

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IT Mobility

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