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Clients we have supported to increase operational efficiency

With our technological services and solutions, we have supported clients from various sectors in their digital transformation, increasing the operational efficiency of their business, managing in an agile way and protecting their information and communication systems. The transversality of our portfolio, combined with the skills and certifications we possess, allow us to develop end-to-end solutions in any technological environment. We make the change in the organizations where we operate.

Get to know some of our success cases:

Colégio Sra. Boa Nova

The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed enormous challenges on the most varied sectors of society. In education this shock was notorious, forcing all schools to rethink the way they teach and find ways to respond to non-presence education. For Colégio Sra. Boa Nova, it was no different. With a universe...

Novo Banco

Due to the technological evolution and the increasing digitalization of its services, Novo Banco needed to renew its WAN network. The main objective was to have a more resilient, secure, fast, and scalable solution. At the same time, the banking institution wanted to reduce complexity in daily management, obtain...

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“The confidence, the serenity we received from the beginning from warpcom was the main reason for choosing them and the Cisco Webex platform. The success of the implementation is due to the support we found when we were flat footed and came up with this cement block called Warpcom and Cisco Webex that gave us the security to make the way.”

Gonçalo Corrêa D'Oliveira
Centro Paroquial do Estoril

“Warpcom has been closely following the evolution of the IPB network infrastructure for many years. Throughout this time, they have proven to be a reliable and extremely professional partner, whether in the search for technological solutions that ensure the best cost/benefit ratio, or in the support to the installed solutions”.

Nuno Rodrigues
Instituto Politécnico de Bragança

“Warpcom is a company with history, competence, race and professionalism made by the excellent professionals! I recognize a true partnership, always willing to help in all their areas of expertise and competence, so they are an asset and differentiating factor”

Valter Guerreiro
Head of IT Infrastructure Support

“Working with Warpcom is like working on the same team, with professionalism, dedication and motivation to achieve goals. With recognized skills in various technology areas they are a safe destination for those looking for quality, resilience and innovation.”

Paulo Henriques
Director of Novo Banco
Novo Banco

“The key to success was Warpcom’s availability, constant help, and working together to understand the reality of a college, which is very different from a company.”

Cristina Sargento
Pedagogical director
Colégio Sra. Boa Nova

“We have worked with Warpcom for over 10 years and more than a supplier to our organization it is essentially a trusted partner”

Manuel Miranda
General secretary

“Warpcom is a highly valued technology partner for the CHBV in the areas of data network architecture, preventive and responsive support, and cybersecurity. In a complex application and physical ecosystem with many challenges such as CHBV’s, Warpcom has always been able to adapt its services to the huge demands of the operation of a set of hospital units, making our work more agile and assertive.”

Rafael Almeida
SIAS Director
Centro Hospitalar Baixo Vouga

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