Code of Ethics, Professional Conduct
and Anti-Corruption

1. Objective

Warpcom adopts this Code of Ethics, Professional Conduct and Anti-Corruption, hereinafter referred to as the Code, which includes a set of Values, Principles, Rules of Conduct and Professional Ethics, transversal to the entire organization.

The adoption of Values, Principles, Rules of Ethics, Professional Conduct and Anti-Corruption is essential for Warpcom and its Employees to act with integrity and consistency in conducting their relationships with the different interest groups they deal with on a daily basis, and guarantee the articulation necessary for common success. This Code is therefore intended to regulate the actions of Warpcom employees with society, customers, suppliers, service providers and third parties in general.

2. Field of Application

The values and principles that have been included in this Code emanate from Warpcom’s vision and objectives. The trust of customers and the market is ensured through relationships guided by ethical behavior and exemplary conduct.

All employees must act in a way that reflects the values, principles and rules of ethics and conduct expressed in this Code.

3. Definitions


4. Description

Warpcom has its employees as its greatest asset. It recognizes and values the contribution of each one, seeking to establish and maintain an environment of trust, with clear, open and constructive communication. The Human Resources policy is available on Sharepoint for internal consultation.

Warpcom is committed to developing work of excellence and improving knowledge, technical competence and professional performance both individually and collectively. We seek to assess your needs, understand your expectations and satisfy both.

Warpcom defends the fundamental and essential principles for a democratic society, based on equality, transparency, free competition, impartiality, legality, integrity and fair redistribution of wealth.

All Warpcom employees must feel responsible for achieving the highest standards of integrity, ethics and professionalism.

4.1 Warpcom’s Mission and Vision

4.1.1 Mission

We foster close and trusting relationships with the aim of contributing to technological evolution. We work with enthusiasm, committed to creating value and exceeding the expectations of our people, partners and clients, actively contributing to their development.

4.1.2 Vision

We work daily to be the leading company in the design, development, integration and management of technological solutions, enhancing the evolution and competitiveness pf our client´s businesses and making us a benchmark, innovative company with a dynamism capable of impacting its ecosystem.

4.2 Warpcom values

The values that define Warpcom’s DNA are:

  • Trust – Over the years we have established trusting relationships with our team, our clients and partners.
  • Excellence – Excellence is at the heart of everything we do!
  • Proximity – We work with a management close to the team, that allows the continuos evolution of our people, contributing to the transformation of our client´s business.
  • Commitment – It is with dedication and commitment that we develop our teams relationships, and with clients and partners, actively contributing to the success of their journey.
  • Integrity – Honesty and transparency are the pillars on which an ethical and inclusive work culture is based, which aims to protect both the people and business.

4.3 Work Environment

4.3.1 Labor Relations

In all its operations, Warpcom seeks to build constructive relationships with recognized unions or other legitimate employee representatives.

4.3.2 Health and Safety

The company commits to provide all employees with a good working environment, both in terms of hygiene and safety. Warpcom provides means that allow its employees to report all situations that may constitute a potential danger.

4.3.3 Drug-Free Environment

The possession, distribution or use of any illicit substance, as well as the abuse of alcohol or medication on Warpcom premises is expressly prohibited.

4.3.4 Copyright/Intellectual Property

All employees are aware of and are responsible for legal compliance regarding the use of software licenses used in the performance of their duties.

4.3.5 Environmental Concerns

Warpcom recognizes the value of a clean and healthy environment and is committed to maintaining it. The health and safety of our employees, customers and the surrounding community is paramount in everything we do. We are committed to reducing waste and minimizing this impact on the environment. We are dedicated to energy reduction, recycling and other waste management methods.

The company takes environmental issues into account in its business and complies with all laws and regulations on this topic.

4.3.6 Discrimination

Warpcom promotes equal employment and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual preference, disability or any other discriminatory factor. 

Warpcom is an inclusive company that will provide and adapt working conditions in order to provide equal conditions for all.

4.3.7 Harassment

Warpcom guarantees a work environment free of harassment (moral and/or sexual). We have implemented our Whistleblower Channel, which is available on the institutional website.

4.3.8 Personal Data

All employees who, in the performance of their duties, have access to personal and confidential data of other employees or customers, suppliers or third parties with which Warpcom establishes a relationship, are subject to professional secrecy and must guide their behavior with the utmost discretion.

4.4 Use of Warpcom facilities and assets

All employees must make good use of Warpcom’s facilities, reporting any situation they consider anomalous. All Warpcom assets, including information, know-how, must be used exclusively for professional purposes.

4.5 IMS Policies

The quality, environment, OHS and service management policy, as well as the information security policy, are available on Sharepoint for internal consultation and on Warpcom’s institutional website for external consultation.

These policies are included in the IMS manual where their approval is formalized. These policies must be known and respected by all employees.

Warpcom has implemented an Integrated Management System, based on 5 normative references, namely:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1
  • ISO/IEC 27001

This System is composed of procedures and policies that guarantee the best market practices in the relationships established with customers, suppliers and partners, or other interested parties.


4.6 Professional Ethics

4.6.1 Financial Practices

Warpcom repudiates any form or manifestation of corruption, which, within the scope of the Civil Convention on Corruption of the European Council, adopted on 11/04/1999 and in force since 11/01/2003, was defined as “the act of requesting , offer, give or accept, directly or indirectly, an illegal commission or any other advantage that is not due or the promise of such an undue advantage that affects the normal exercise of a function or the required behavior of the recipient of the illegal commission, undue advantage or of his promise”.

We have implemented our Whistleblower Channel, available on the institutional website, as well as publicized our Risk Prevention Plan for Corruption and Related Offenses.

4.6.2 Money Laundering

Warpcom has implemented instruments that allow the prevention of illicit commercial practices, including Money Laundering and Corruption, or other similar practices.

4.6.3 Conflicts of Interest – Incompatibility of Employees

Situations that should be avoided:

  • Having an outside interest, activity or other employment that does not allow the employee to work full time for Warpcom. Any external interest must be disclosed by the employee during the recruitment process or as soon as it becomes relevant if later than that time;
  • Having a financial interest in having employment with or serving on the governing bodies of a company that is a competitor of Warpcom or a company with which Warpcom does business;
  • Provide consultancy services to one of our Clients or Suppliers;
  • Doing business with an entity owned by a colleague or a family member without the prior consent of the company;
  • Any other commercial relationship with third parties or with a person who may influence third parties and which results in a gain for the employee, friend or family member and which harms the company.

4.6.4 Commercial agreements

With the aim of providing the most appropriate solutions to the needs of customers and the market, Warpcom is continually committed to partnerships and commercial agreements with technology and innovation leaders as a guarantee of quality and technological independence.

Warpcom’s partnership strategy focuses on delivering added value to our customers’ business, taking into account their reality, their specific needs and market trends.

All our commercial agreements with clients or potential clients must be fair, honest and impartial. We acquire or retain business based on the high quality of the services we provide and the competitive prices we charge. 

We must advertise our services on the market using our skills, certifications, prices and value to the client.

4.6.5 Sponsorships and donations

What is meant by:

  • Sponsorship: the act of financially supporting a project or initiative presented by an organization external to Warpcom, either through payment of money or another type of contribution in kind, in exchange for the association of a brand image, for advertising purposes, or in return for a benefit with a similar purpose.
  • Donation: value that is passed on free of charge to another person or organization, which accepts it.

Sponsorships and donations must always be made in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation and must never be linked, directly or indirectly, to illegal acts or undue benefits for Warpcom.

It is forbidden for donations to be intended, or to be interpreted, as having the intention of conditioning the bidding for contracts or any other benefit in favor of Warpcom.

The Finance Department manages and controls all sponsorships and/or donations made by Warpcom.

4.7 Anti monopoly

4.7.1 Anti monopoly laws

Anti-monopoly laws were created to preserve free competition. Anti-competitive behavior is prohibited in many countries and, in particular, in the United States and the European Union. This means that any contract entered into by Warpcom must be compatible with the Anti-monopoly Laws.

Anti-monopoly laws regulate 3 types of conduct:

  • Restrictive Practices or Agreements
    Please note that the term “Agreement” means more than a formal written contract. A tacit understanding between companies or individuals may be enough for regulators to find that competition law has been broken. A restrictive agreement can exist between competitors or between companies operating at different levels in the supply chain (e.g. industry and commerce or industry and retail). An example of a restrictive agreement could be price fixing or a territorial restriction.
  • Abuse of dominant position
    Anti-monopoly laws were created to prevent companies from behaving in a way that leads to the extinction of competitors or the exploitation of customers.
  • Acquisitions, Mergers and Joint Ventures
    Transactions such as these must be subject to government review to ensure that the new business will not restrict competition.

Breaches of anti-monopoly laws can result in severe financial penalties. Breaches can potentially occur in any area of our business, but most often in relation to the sales and marketing of our services. In particular, prices, discounts, advertising, sales conditions and markets should not be discussed with competitors.


4.7.2 Trade associations

Participating in trade associations can be advantageous and legitimate, but you should always make sure that they are not used for questionable purposes. You should immediately leave any meeting of any association if you find that competition laws are being broken.

4.7.3 Coopetation with authorities

It is Warpcom’s policy to cooperate with all competent authorities when they inquire about our business practices, while defending our interests, and to cooperate with any inquiry or investigation carried out by competent authorities.

4.7.4 Getting Information about others

You may not obtain or attempt to obtain confidential information about our competitors’ businesses or confidential information by improper means. Industrial espionage, violation of the rights of others, surreptitious tapping of telephone calls and theft are illegal.

Improper requests in any form for confidential data from a competitor or a competitor’s customer violate our policy.

Any information provided by third parties or of external origin must be kept secure and handled in accordance with the defined classification. In the absence of classification, we must adopt the highest degree of classification in our methodology and in accordance with I-35-CSI-Classification of information.

4.8 Corruption and Bribery

Warpcom repudiates any practice of corruption or bribery, actively or passively, as well as any other forms of undue influence or illegal conduct, in all internal or external relations, with public or private entities.

Any behavior that may constitute a crime of corruption or related offenses is expressly prohibited, in accordance with P-54-RGPD – Plan for the Prevention of Corruption and Related Offenses.

It is expressly prohibited for all Warpcom Employees, in the performance of their duties and within the institutional scope, to promise, offer, demand, receive or imply that they intend to receive any type of Benefits, both to public and private entities, with the aim of obtaining preferential treatment or an advantage , or exert some kind of influence, in a certain commercial decision, business or official act.

The development of events and/or activities without any compensation for the company and other interested parties is excluded from the aforementioned prohibition.

4.9 Political Entities

It is forbidden to support financially or in kind, under any circumstances, political parties, candidates for political office and organisations or individuals whose mission is essentially political.

4.10 Non-compliance

Non-compliance with the rules established in this Code represents a violation of the duties of the Employee, Partner or Supplier, and may lead to awareness measures, as well as, and after an internal process (investigation, analysis and report preparation), lead to the application of disciplinary measures and/or resolution of contracts, appropriate and proportionate to the offense committed and/or resulting in criminal and/or civil liability.

The crimes defined in this Code are punishable in accordance with the legislation in effect.

4.11 Communication of Irregularities

The communication of any signs of non-compliance with this Code must be done through the Whistleblower Channel available on the institutional website.

Any communication shall be treated as confidential, unless its author expressly and unequivocally requests otherwise.

The communication does not preclude or replace the obligation to report in cases and under the terms determined by criminal law and criminal procedure.

For more information about the Whistleblowing Channel, consult the FAQs of the respective channel.

Direct or indirect retaliation against any whistleblower who has reported any violation of this code is not permitted.

4.12 Penalties

Failure to comply with the Code or the practice of incorrect conduct will subject the Warpcom employee to the application of disciplinary sanctions, under the legal terms.

4.13 Contributions and clarifications

All Warpcom employees may contribute with ideas and suggestions for the continuous improvement of this Code.

Information exchanged in the context of clarifying doubts or expressing concerns related to this Code will be treated as confidential.

Update date

April 2024

N-010-ADM (Rv13-202404)

Public Information

Gradutated with a bachelor’s degree of Law and specialist in Administrative Law, he is a Board Member of Evolutio and Warpcom.

He began his professional career in 1984 in the spanish public sector, moving from State attorney to General Director of Taxes and Property of the Government of the Canary Islands and then to State Attorney before the Supreme Court of Justice.

From 1989 to 2021, he held various positions in the commercial sector, from Secretary of the Board of Directors and Director of the Legal Department of EBRO, Compañía de Azúcares y Alimentación and its subsidiaries, to Secretary of the Board of Directors and Director of the Legal Department of ERESMÁS INTERACTIVA S.A., in 2000, and as Secretary of the Board of Directors of CODERE S.A, between 2014 and 2021.

He is currently the Secretary of the Board of Directors and Director of the Legal Department of Evolutio.

He has held positions in teaching institutes and associations, of which his position as a Member of the Spanish State Lawyers Association stands out.

Jacinto Cavestany

Board Member

Jacinto Cavestany é CEO da Evolutio, liderando a estratégia global de uma equipa de mais de 1000 profissionais. Foi Diretor Comercial e Diretor de Serviço ao Cliente na BT Espanha.

Anteriormente, trabalhou para a Getronics como Diretor de Managed Services Business e para a Olivetti Solutions, desempenhando a função de Diretor de Marketing.

Jacinto Cavestany é Engenheiro de Telecomunicações, especializado em transmissão de dados e sinal digital pela Universidade Politécnica de Madrid, com um MBA do IESE e da Universidade de Dartmouth.

Responsible for the execution of the technology strategy and solutions design and for professional and support services.

She has more than 20 years of experience in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, focusing mainly on the operations and pre-sales departments. During these years she has specialized in the management of high-performance teams that design, implement and support clients’ technological solutions.

She began her professional career performing engineering and consulting projects in Alcatel Spain, Soluziona Telecommunications and NextiraOne, becoming an expert in large IP Telephony and Contact Center networks, and acting as technological advisor to important customers.

In NextiraOne she was the manager of the of the engineering and professional services area, directing the design activities of the most complex and innovative technological projects, as well as the company’s R&D activities. She was subsequently appointed as head of the consultancy team.

Once at Dimension Data, she was responsible for pre-sales at national level, in close collaboration with the company’s sales and marketing department.

She is a Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Cantabria.

More than 25 years of experience in the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector and a broad knowledge of the Spanish market after having held important positions in several multinational companies.

His professional career began in Alcatel Spain, with responsibilities within the Product and Engineering departments, to later evolve towards the Marketing and Sales departments. For several years he specialized in the market of large operators, taking responsibility for commercial and product negotiations.

For 15 years he has held positions as Sales Director in large multinational companies in the ICT sector such as Alcatel, NextiraOne and Dimension Data, being responsible for the execution of the sales strategy at a national level. He has been in charge of the sales and pre-sales departments throughout Spain, and has been responsible for business development in new technologies, markets and services.

He has a degree in Physical Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and completed the Management Development Program at IESE.

Responsible for the human capital management, she also provides support in the Facilities and Integrated Management System departments.

With more than 20 years of professional experience within the telecommunications sector, she started her professional journey in the financial department of Ericsson Telecomunicações.

In 1996, she started working for Alcatel Comunicação de Empresa, where she held different positions and took charge of the challenging task of implementing the ISO 9001 standard. While working at Alcatel she was appointed as the head of the Quality Control Department, being responsible for maintaining quality assurance and implementing Environment and Safety Certifications.

After the acquisition of Alcatel by NextiraOne, she became a member of the Human Resources Management Team and started working in this area.

In 2011, she became the Director of Human Resources, a position she held after the acquisition of NextiraOne by Dimension Data, in 2014.

She completed an Auditing degree at Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração de Lisboa (ISCAL), a post-graduate degree in Human Resources Management and in Health and Safety at Work.

Responsible for Professional and Support Services.

He has held several positions within the services industry since 1989, having participated in the development of services in new technological areas for different companies: Alcatel Comunicação de Empresa, NextiraOne and Dimension Data.

In 2001 he became the Operations Director, being responsible for the Professional and Support Services areas.

He completed a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and later participated in advanced courses on Investment and Business Management Decision Support.

Responsible for the financial management of the company.

He began his professional journey in 1991 working for Alcatel Portugal, where he held positions within factory cost control, capital control and reporting areas.

From 1993 to 1998, he held positions as Financial Controller of Alcatel Comunicação de Empresas, later he became responsible for the Planning and Reporting Department of Alcatel Portugal.

In 2000 he became the Financial Controller of Alcatel Comunicação de Empresas, which was later acquired by NextiraOne. He held this position until 2014, when he was appointed as the Financial Manager after the acquisition of the latter by Dimension Data Portugal.

He completed a degree in Business Management at Universidade de Évora.

Responsible for the definition and execution of the technology and innovation strategy.

More than 20 years of professional experience leading presales and business development teams in the ICT market, with engineering and network of large dimensions design roles in operators and business networks.

He has worked as Systems Engineer at Alcatel Portugal and Convex / Satec Group having the technical responsibility of IP and Security network projects.

At Vodafone Portugal he was a member of the Network Design team, participating in several major projects, namely: the evaluation of the worldwide network performance to centralize services and the design and migration of the TDM network to the IP / MPLS network which supported all operator services (voice, video, SMS).

He held product management and business development roles in the Security and Data Center areas at NextiraOne. In 2013, already at Dimension Data, he took the lead of the pre-sales team, designing solutions and services for the Network, Collaboration, Security and Data Center areas.

At the same time, he was a professor at the Atlantic University in Computer Systems Management, teaching Computer Networking and Cisco Academy.

He holds a degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the Setúbal Polytechnic Institute of Technology, holds a Digital Marketing Management program from Universidade Católica and attends the Executive Master in Management with a specialization in Leadership at Católica Lisbon – School of Business and Economics.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the information technology sector and a vast knowledge of the national market, he has worked in important companies in the sector.

Passionate about business and technology, he has been with Warpcom since its inception, where he took on the role of Sales Director in 2021 after several years as Senior Client Manager.

He spent time at Dimension Data, always linked to the sales department and client relations, which he had since NextiraOne, where he joined in 2012.

Before that, he worked at Ikon ID and Telindus as an Account Manager, which allowed him to develop skills and long-lasting relationships with his clients.

His already extensive professional career began in the early 2000’s at HP in a Pre-Sales role.

Laura Calvo holds the position of CFO at Evolutio since April 2020, leading the areas of Accounting, Invoicing, Tax, Finance, Treasury and Control. Before Evolutio, she worked as CFO for a private equity Swedish company in the energy sector for 3 years.

With vast professional experience over 20 years, he has worked at Deloitte, several multinationals (Mazda, Atento) and listed companies (Enagas), where she participated in M&A projects, IPO and high yield bond issues.

Jacinto Cavestany is the CEO of Evolutio, leading the global strategy of a team of over 1,000 professionals. He was previously Commercial Director and Customer Service Director at BT Spain.

Previously he worked for Getronics as Managed Services Business Director and for Olivetti Solutions as Marketing Director.

Jacinto Cavestany is a Telecommunications Engineer, specialized in data transmission and digital signal from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, with an MBA from IESE and Dartmouth University.

With more than 20 years of professional experience in executive offices in Portugal and abroad, he was the Executive Manager of PT SGPS and PT Comunicações/TMN/MEO, being responsible for the Business areas (Corporate e SMEs).

He was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PT Sistemas de Informação and Executive Manager of PT Prime, positions he accumulated with those of CEO of Tradecom, Vice-Chairman of Caixanet and CEO of the General Assembly of INESC.

Previously, he had been the CEO of Oni Telecom and Administrator of Comunitel (Spain), a position he took after leaving his position as CEO of EDS in Spain and Portugal.

He also held various positions at IBM, including that of Head of IBM Global Services (Portugal).

He completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, a post-graduate degree in Welding Engineering and a Master’s degree in Marketing Management and Sales, as well as several courses at the London Business School, IESE and Universidade Católica.

With a vast experience within the technology sector in Portugal and abroad, having taken up prominent positions in several multinational companies.

He was the Chairman of the Board of Administration of Dimension Data Portugal e Espanha until 2016, having taken up the position after serving as Chairman of the Board of Administration of Alcatel Comunicação Empresa S.A. Portugal and as CEO of Alcatel Comunicaciones Empresa S.A. Espanha.

Previously, he had already been the Chairperson of the Board of Administration of Nextiraone S.A. Espanha e Portugal, and later CEO of S.A. Espanha e Portugal and Board Member of Nextiraone Europa.

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from ISEL (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa). He completed several post-graduate degrees at Insead, namely: International Management Course, Strategy Program and Advanced Management Course in Finance. He completed the Executive Advanced Management Program at IESE, Madrid.

With extensive international experience in technology companies, Angel was appointed CEO of Warpcom in 2024, following his role as Director of Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions for the Evolutio Group in Iberia.

Before that, he was Chairman of the Investment Committee and Vice-Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain and held various positions at BT Global Services, where he spent more than 20 years of his career. Here he led the business development strategy in Europe and LATAM, serving as Business Development and Sales Director.

He has a degree in Pharmacy from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Master’s in Business Administration from IE Business School.

Advanced Partner

Nokia is committed to constant innovation when it comes to network equipment, software and services. Its customers and partners have a network portfolio to enrich their businesses. Nokia offers systems and services to store, manage, protect and retain data.

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Advanced Partner

SDN (Nuage)

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Talkdesk is a cloud-based contact center and artificial intelligence software provider. Talkdesk provides contact center software to its customers which is based on the cloud. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide better customer services to companies in the midmarket and enterprise categories.

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Professional Certified Dealer

Sony Professional Solutions (SPS) is a subsidiary of the Japanese multinational technology and media conglomerate Sony with a primary focus on professional products. These range from broadcast software and video cameras to the provision of External Broadcast Units and professional displays.

Partnership Level

Professional Certified Dealer


Samsung operates in several technological areas seeking to innovate in products such as TVs, smartphones, wearables, tablets, digital devices, network systems, medical devices, semiconductors and LED solutions. Samsung bets on the Internet of Things, Smart Home and digital health.

Partnership Level


Elite Partner

Quantum Xchange is a recognized quantum technology innovator and cybersecurity visionary. The company offers organizations an immediate and practical entry into the field of quantum technology capable of instantly improving their current cryptographic environment, being easy to implement and maintain, managing to adapt in tune with the existing threat landscape.

Partnership Level

Elite Partner (Portugal e Espanha)


Poly is the global communications society that promotes genuine human connection and collaboration. They personally select and sort millions of verbal and non-verbal cues to deduce meanings. Poly is finding new ways to introduce these cues into audio and video communication in order to replicate the face-to-face experience. The creation of intimacy is intended. There is also an attempt to break down barriers and cover distances.

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Palo Alto Networks is the world leader in cybersecurity, providing innovative solutions to enable secure digital transformation. The company provides platforms that include advanced firewalls and cloud-based offerings that reinforce and extend those firewalls, covering other aspects of cybersecurity.

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Gold & Silver Partner

Microsoft Corporation is an American transnational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, electronic products, personal computers and services.

Partnership Level

Gold (Windows and Devices)
Silver (DataCenter, Communications, Data Analytics, Project and Portfolio Management)

Silver Partner

Led by customer needs and managed by its founders, the more than 100 Luwarians across Europe and the US work every day out of a passion for modern technology and excellent customer service. In close partnership with Microsoft, they expand their communication platforms to connect employees and customers across all channels. With over 10 years of experience in software development and customer service, they support their customers around the world to actively shape their customer support experiences.

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Silver Partners

Authorized Partner

Imprivata develops solutions that streamline workflows in the medical field by offering ubiquitous access and simplified and multifactor authentication solutions.

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Authorized Partner

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One Sign (Ask for a demonstration and see in practice all the potential of this Single Sign-On solution)


ID Quantique (IDQ) is the world leader in quantum-safe cryptographic solutions designed to protect data for the long term. The company provides quantum-safe network encryption, secure quantum key generation, and quantum key distribution solutions and services to financial industry, enterprise, and government organizations worldwide.
IDQ also markets a random quantum number generator, which is the benchmark in the security, simulation and gaming industries.
In addition, IDQ is a leading supplier of optical instrumentation products, primarily photon counters and related electronics. The company’s innovative photonic solutions are used in both commercial and research applications.

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Quantum-Safe Network Encryption
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Genesys is a global leader in cloud solutions for contact centers and customer experience management. A pioneer in Experience as a Service℠, it enables organizations of all sizes to deliver genuine personalization at scale and empathetic interactions while driving customer trust and loyalty.

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Fortinet provides high-performance, integrated security solutions. It develops and markets cybersecurity software, products and services, such as firewalls, antivirus, intrusion prevention and user device security.

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Gold Partner

F5 Networks is a global company specializing in application services and application delivery networks (ADN). F5’s technologies focus on the delivery, security, performance and availability of web applications, as well as the availability of servers, cloud resources, data storage devices and other network components.

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Druva provides data protection and management for the cloud era. The Druva Cloud Platform is built on top of AWS and delivered as-a-service, providing globally accessible, infinitely scalable, and fully autonomous enterprise data resiliency.

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Dell PowerEdge
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Citrix is ​​a digital workspace platform that gives employees everything they need to be productive in a unified experience, while giving IT the visibility, simplicity and security it needs to enable and control it all.

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Founded in 1993, Check Point Software Technologies’ vision is to make Internet communications and data secure, reliable and available everywhere. Check Point grows to become the largest provider of security and leading solutions to protect customers from all types of cyber attacks.

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Axis is a company that operates in the IT and security sectors and expands its activities to the audio, voice over IP and building automation markets. With extensive experience in networked video and audio solutions, analytics and access control that contribute to the protection of people and property.

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Amazon Web Services offers a broad suite of cloud-based global products, including computing, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, development tools, management tools, IoT, security, and enterprise applications: on-demand, available in seconds with prepaid pricing. From data storage to deployment tools, directories to content delivery, over 200 AWS services are available. New services can be provisioned quickly, with no upfront overhead.

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AudioCodes is a leading provider of advanced communications software, products and productivity solutions for the digital workplace. AudioCodes enables enterprises and service providers to build and operate all-IP voice networks to deliver unified communications, contact centers, and hosted business services, whether in the cloud or on premises.

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Accredited Business Partner

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) has more than 830,000 customers worldwide. ALE, together with its partners, connects, customizes and creates award-winning solutions for every organization – from employees, processes and customers – helping all companies to compete in a digital world.