5 ideas to boost technological innovation in your company

A market without borders, an increasingly demanding consumer, an increasingly digital economy and a frantic pace in terms of ITC evolution, dictate the urgent need for organizations to differentiate and update. A differentiation that necessarily involves technological innovation. The introduction of disruptive tools has brought with it an effective paradigm shift in the way business is conducted, paving the way for a response to a market that is not very complacent with error and lack of solutions. Having time to think differently, listening to the market, anticipating trends, providing better experiences must be priorities for all organizations. To this end, it is crucial to have a partner that makes it possible, serves as a backup and enhances the entire process, proving to be a valuable help. Creating a culture of innovation is a huge challenge. Everything should start by encouraging the team to leave the “status quo”, to discuss and propose new approaches, from the simplest things, but which can make a big difference, to the most complex ones – internally and externally. And, at the same time, being aware of the latest technologies to ensure processes capable of providing the right solutions at all times. Although there is no single and miraculous recipe, take advantage of the five ideas that we leave you to boost technological innovation in your organization.

  1. Implement and disseminate an effective culture of innovation

This is really the first step to be taken by those looking to leverage technological innovation in their company. The truth is that there is no point in developing good strategies, if the team is not aligned with a culture of innovation, if the team does not understand it as something that is part of the DNA. It is crucial that the entire organization recognizes its importance and how it can optimize the business and improve day-to-day work.

  1. Encourage and foster brainstorm

At the same time, it is also important to continuously encourage the exchange of ideas between employees and the desire to go further, to overcome resistance to change. Even at the risk of a “no”. This possible “no” should be accepted as an opportunity for learning and inspiration for new possibilities, and not as “error or failure”. Thus, by creating a space for collaboration and brainstorming, companies are also paving the way for an effective and safe atmosphere for innovation.

  1. Create an innovation plan with precise goals

Once you are aware of the degree of innovation of your company, of the future objectives and of the needs to which must respond, it is important to determine goals that quantify the internal digital transformation process and the development of new external offers, how to get there, ways of controlling and with which resources (technological, financial and human).

  1. Embrace technology 

Technology is at the heart of innovation. By embracing cutting-edge technology, adopting and implementing the latest in hardware and software, the entire company will win. What processes can be automated? What does the team need to increase productivity? What products and services need to be improved and/or developed to cope with a fast-changing market and customer needs? What are the bottlenecks in the infrastructure to ensure maximum performance, security and availability in accessing information? And with so much technology on the market, which is the most suitable for each case? This is what a partner can also help, as you will see below.

  1. Choose the best technology partner

Counting with a partner that allows your company to have time to focus on the core business, and has the skills and experience to independently suggest and implement the best technologies (by partnering with several manufacturers) is halfway to success. We all know that the topic of technological innovation in companies is vast and encompasses several fields, so a partnership with a comprehensive vision and offer in terms of digital transformation becomes a major facilitator and ally. As a system integrator specializing in the development of end-to-end solutions in the areas of Networking & InfrastructureCollaboration & Customer ExperienceData Center & Multi Cloud and Cybersecurity, Warpcom positions itself as this type of partner. In addition, we know well the world of technological innovation with our Warpdev: Warpcom’s area of ​​innovation and creativity. In this hub, unique and innovative ICT solutions are developed – combining the stability of reference manufacturers’ platforms with the customization and adaptation to the reality of each client, resulting in a clear business added value. With state-of-the-art workplaces and technological development laboratories, the difference in the solutions developed is evident in the way we are able to specifically adapt emerging technologies and approaches to our clients’ business. For all these reasons, count on us as a partner that streamlines your company’s technological innovation. Let’s talk!

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