Portugal has 46 Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT)

“There are currently more than 500 CSIRTS in the European Union, covering the needs of large companies, SMEs, private citizens, governments, research and education institutions. These teams are at the forefront to respond to cybersecurity incidents and attacks.

ISP Provider | Service Provider Customer Base | Vendor Customer

Altice, Claranet, IP Telecom, NOS, NOWO, ONI, Vodafone, Multicert, Axians, Cybersafe, EY, Truphone, S21Sec, Securnet, Warpcom, PT Servidor, Hardsecure, Layer8, Outsystems, Dognaedis/Cipher.”

Read the news [PT]: https://www.securitymagazine.pt/2021/05/20/portugal-tem-46-computer-security-incident-response-teamscsirt/  

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