Altice Empresas invests in quantum computing with Warpcom

“The demonstration consisted of a secure interconnection by quantum keys between the client iTech-ON, an information technology R&D company based in Fundão, and Altice Portugal’s Cloud services in the Data Center. It had the partnership of Warpcom, a tech integrator in the areas of cybersecurity and networking that designed and integrated the entire solution; Fortinet, a company in the area of cybersecurity; and ID Quantique, which is specialized in encryption solutions, ensuring the supply of demo hardware and software.”

“Quantum networks are an unavoidable topic that should be placed on the strategic agenda of organizations as soon as possible. After having developed the first quantum-safe connection of more than 20 kilometers in Portugal, we are taking another step by developing, together with this ecosystem of partners, services that are based on this technology” said Bruno Banha, Solutions Design & Warpdev Director at Warpcom.

Read here the news published on the media [PT]:

Learn more about Warpcom’s offering in the area of quantum technologies:

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