The secrets that quantum doesn’t reveal

Hugo Seneca’s article in Expresso (07/01/2022) with reference to Warpcom as a pioneer in quantum technology. Read it here [PT]:

“The EU has been investing in these technologies to not be dependent on what the Chinese and Americans do. Anyone who manages to have a cipher that is proof against the intersections of other states has now a weapon”, explains Bruno Gonçalves, cybersecurity director at Warpcom.

In October, Warpcom participated, with IP Telecom and ID Quantique, from Switzerland, in the first Portuguese quantum network of 20 kilometers, between Lisbon and Almada. At Instituto Superior Técnico, a module for quantum communications for satellites is also being developed. “In Spain, there are already organizations buying these solutions. In Portugal, expressions of interest are starting to emerge”, adds Bruno Gonçalves.

Count on us to maximize the opportunities of quantum technology and minimize its risks.

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